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Group 1R Combination Locks



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Post Thu May 07, 2020 7:27 pm

Re: Group 1R Combination Locks

Oh, these plastic wheels seem to be dual change, i.e. key and mesh change.
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Post Thu May 07, 2020 7:42 pm

Re: Group 1R Combination Locks

That's funny, Mr. Hewitt!

mastersmith wrote:If you stuck the key in but forgot to turn it, you could still turn the dial! Who would do that you ask?

If the wheels slipped without being unlocked, the more likely scenario is that the combination shifted during use. I've heard drilling GSA containers can be a b***h.



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Post Wed May 20, 2020 6:06 am

Re: Group 1R Combination Locks

mastersmith wrote:When I was working a government contract LaGard came out with this first version of a Group 1 lock. It sucked! The wheels are in deed plastic and VERY fragile. A common problem I had with these was for the inner and outer wheels to move when the combination had not been changed. The really fine teeth did not hold the 2 sections very well. If you stuck the key in but forgot to turn it, you could still turn the dial! Who would do that you ask? Government employees (at least then) have to change their own combinations. Like all things, if you don't do it often memory fades. I put on probably 100 of these locks. I replaced every one of them. They were not made for the rigors of this world!

Ahh, that probably explains why there are not so many around then. How long ago were these first installed and when were they replaced would you say?

Cheers for the background!

MHM wrote:Never seen or even heard of it, best I could find on it was the auction site you got that initial photo from, plus a tantalisingly useless cutaway photo, plus this US Military handbook from 1989 which I'm picking you've already found?


Hey! No, I hadn't yet come across that handbook. I've seen a few like it but that's the first one with the LaGard specifically mentioned. Thanks :)

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