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FAB euro cylinders

PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2020 12:56 pm
by least
the FAB was here pretty much a synonym for a euro cylinder and it was my first lock to try and pick a few years ago (already FAB Assa Abloy at that time). Here is what I pocked through so far...

FAB 50
The basic cylinder of only grade 1 - to be used where pretty much no protection is needed - garden door, construction lock and so on.
Yet it still contain 3 spools and each one of them that I own has a quite radical biting. The keyway is not that bad, not as roomy as the schlage used on the training locks, but manageable with standard euro hooks from Southord...
It looks like the spools are only in chambers 2-4 - each of the ones I have has it in the same order.

FAB 100
Grade 2 cylinder - recommended as a lock for a garage door or similar.
The key has an interesting notch on its nose, that seems to do the same work as a shoulder on a normal key, plus it might allow them to reuse the profile without a danger that old key would open a new lock...
It has way stiffer springs than the 50, and also features a special driver pin that should prevent bumping (and also a bit frustrates a picking too, especially when it is in the chambers farther down the keyway). That driver (saw it referenced as RBC, but I haven't found what does it stands for) causes the key pin to stick way lower (when mounted pins down) than the rest of the pins and also its position changes cylinder to cylinder (I have 3, and it was in chambers 1, 2 and 5); also this pin seems to always bind first, which is great in case you manage to overset something - just let go a bit of tension and you can easily free the rest of the pins while keeping this one set.
There are also two spools, and the two last pins are standard.
The piece of wire interacts with the key nose, but it doesn't prevent the plug from turning.

Will post more as soon as I get my hands on them (FAB 200 should be on its way).
Kind regards,


Re: FAB euro cylinders

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2020 3:20 pm
by least
This is a grade 3 cylinder - recommended for front doors of a house or flat.

As you can see, the bumping protection is taken to another level - pins 1 and 5 are like the double sided RBC pin used in the FAB 100; there is just one spool (not that much effective as it is combined with pretty high keypin) and the rest are standard drivers.
The bitting is quite nasty - especially the pin 5 is giving me a lot of trouble; I have to use the deepest hooks that I have and so far I was not able to set it reliably (will work on that), because even the deepest SSDev hook is starting to contact the previous pins, ruining the feedback. Also the tolerances seems to be a bit better compared to FAB100, as the feedback is much more subtle; a bit more tension helps to make it more pronounced.
I also noticed, that the lock doesn't seem to have very rigid binding order - pins 1 and 5 must go first, the rest doesn't seem to matter that much.

Next stop are grade 4 cylinders - I procured an older one, that is a six pinner (FAB 2060BDN), with the warding similar to FAB1000 (the next candidate)...