Post Tue Jun 13, 2023 3:40 pm

Help identifying this BEST sliding glass core

I recently acquired a large lot of cores, and included are a number of these 7-pin SFIC that I'm unfamiliar with. They appear somewhat similar to 6C sliding glass cores, and in fact do fit into a 4S sliding door cylinder. They are different than 6C cores though in that they have an extended rear section which is affixed with two 1/16 hex screws. Like a 6C core, you need the control key to install the core. The control key retracts a spring loaded rear lug by turning 15 degrees counterclockwise, and turns 90 degrees clockwise which doesn't do anything. Additionally, the operating key turns the standard, full control lug (as opposed to the milled control lug on 6C cores) to unlock via the 4S cylinder.

I've included a number of photos of the core itself, installed into a 4S cylinder, and a comparison image of this core versus 6C and standard 1C cores.

Is this a 6C core with the "K" key trap option? It doesn't say BEST, so is it perhaps another manufacturer's sliding glass core? Any insight would be much appreciated -- thanks.







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