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Donation Auction

Forum rules
This subforum is for members wishing to donate spare items for sale or auction, with all proceeds going towards KeyPicking forum operating expenses.

Items will be listed as either a fixed price or auction to the highest bidder.

1) If you wish to list an item for donation purposes in this sub-forum, please contact ElbowMacaroni and MBI directly via PM, or send an email to kpmgmt@keypicking.com (this address will reach both of us) – and specify whether you want to offer it for AUCTION or FIXED PRICE. Include the text of what you want to post so we can review it before you post it on the forum.

2) SELLERS wishing to be reimbursed for postage should advise us directly so we can make proper arrangements. Otherwise, it will be assumed that the SELLER is also donating the postage and shipping costs of the item(s) sold or auctioned.

3) If SELLER prefers to donate item(s) to Keypicking outright and forego the shipping arrangements to the BUYER – contact us so we arrange the details.

4) A BUYER interested in purchasing an item for the FIXED PRICE should post it as a reply in the forum thread then contact us (ElbowMacaroni and MBI via PM or email to kpmgmt@keypicking.com) for payment and shipping arrangements.

5) All bids should be openly posted as replies in the thread listing the item.

6) Payments must be submitted via PayPal (link on the main portal page).



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Post Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:48 am

Re: Donation Auction

Please send me the shipping address Keypicking so I can have it shipped out ASAP!

Thanks guys for bidding!


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Post Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:25 pm

Re: Donation Auction

GWiens2001 wrote:$50.


Winner! :D

Congrats Gordon
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Post Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:54 pm

Re: Donation Auction

Thanks! :mrgreen:

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