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Making a quick Pick




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Making a quick Pick

I know alot of people spend a good amount of time making picks and tools as do I. I think it adds to the allure of picking a lock, that you did it with your own tools. So I got started lock picking just becuse I was bored one day and wanted to see if I could open a master lock with a bobby pin and I was successful lol. I then advanced my pick making to use nails which I still think make decent picks to this day. I through together a little video of me making a pick and opening the origional master lock that was my first pick for any noobs who think they need to spend a bunch of money and wait for an order to come before they try to start picking.



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Re: Making a quick Pick

Good stuff mate, keep at it. You'll quickly find the limits of those home made picks and move on to more technically sophisticated materials and designs. There's a very long tradition of making tools from found materials, have a look at Eddie the Wire's vintage stuff (use google to track down his crummy self published stuff from 40 years ago) and also have a look at Femurat's Happy 2020 thread - he's using almost exclusively home made stuff there.

Full disclosure: I'm pretty good at opening locks but utterly crap at making tools, and I wish I was better than I am. But when I've got the great Tipene literally just down the road, there really isn't much need...

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