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Adjustment problems Foley Belsaw model 200




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Adjustment problems Foley Belsaw model 200

I have a Foley Belsaw 200 and I am having trouble getting it to cut with code keys. I have followed the directions to the tee when it comes to adjusting the V blade. However with the blade just scraping the adjustment key and using a Kwikset Depth & space key, the micrometer set at zero my depth is way off sometimes it will cut almost to the next number. I checked the D&S keys with a Foley digital micrometer and the depth match the Kwikset depth guide. With the V blade about 1/16" away from the adjustment key I get close enough to use the Micrometer to adjust for correct depth. When I adjust according to manual direction I am off again.

I was wondering what could be happening? Is it the operator? Am I missing a step? Any help will be helpful Thank you


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Re: Adjustment problems Foley Belsaw model 200

https://www.scribd.com/doc/297886108/Fo ... ine-Manual

I would go step by step through the manual to ensure that the machine is set up correctly. Sounds like your machine didn't get set up where your micrometer is calibrated. Try using 2 of the same Uncut blanks in the key clamps. micrometer set at zero and the other side just touching the cutting wheel.

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Re: Adjustment problems Foley Belsaw model 200

Foley Belsaw Manual attached below for future reference.
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Re: Adjustment problems Foley Belsaw model 200

check the tension spring below the mic. it may be weak.
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