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Spook Schools

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I've Been Banned!!
I've Been Banned!!

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Post Fri May 06, 2011 8:18 pm

Spook Schools

i am currently going through a basic peace officer course (police academy) to be a Basic Peace Officer (cop), after that, i have 2 years to be a cop and uphold my certifications, if not, i just have to have a 40hr refresher course every 2 years.
after this course, i will mostly likely go to school for my EMT,
well there just happens to be 3 levels of being a peace officer in the state of Texas, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, (correct if wrong)
and there are a few other advancement beyond EMT like Paramedic.
eventually i want to go through MBAusa's school for a custom course on tactical locksmithing, lever lock picking, safe manipulation, and so on.. http://www.mbausa.com/
and i sure wouldnt mind going through ESI's academy in colorado either, the secret service go through there eventualy in their training... http://www.esi-lifeforce.com/
but ive recently discovered from ITS Tactical there are other schools like ESI,... like SCG... http://www.scginternational.com/

so what im getting at is this,

if you were not some ricky recon (chris) rambo drawing first blood (wolf) computer cracking (xeo) intel gathering (piotr) ass kicking (HC) lock picking (kokomo) questionable (awol) dress wearing (bezza) navy seal trained, spook son of a bitch, and had to pay for all your training that you missed out on in the military, what schools would you go to, what are the links and what do you think would look best on a resume for being a Private Contractor, or a CIA spook?

so far we have...

Military/Honorable Discharge (school of hard knox)
Basic Peace Officer Cert (police academy or community college)
CPR (community college)
EMT (community college)
Paramedic (community college)
Tactical Automotives Course (MBAusa)
Tactical Lever Locks (MBAusa
Tactical Locksmithing (MBAusa)
Safe lock manipulation/drilling (MBAusa)
Executive Protection (ESI)
Protective Intel & Investigation Program (ESI)
Protective Operations (ESI)
Red Cell Operations/Threat Assessment/Security Analysis (SCG)



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Post Sat May 07, 2011 1:14 am

Re: Spook Schools

I wish I could freely post some of the materials that I found on this topic but copyright enforcement precludes that.

One of the top trainers to secret government agencies used to be or may still be John Falle and his associates.

20 years ago when I wanted this kind of training I was told that you had to be already employed by some government agency to be elligible for the best courses.
Its a process of being recruited and working your way up in the agency ... The agency pays for you to take the training.

There are a number of "spook schools" that will take anyone with the money of course.

In that MBA has John Falle on their training roster they must have some pretty respectable courses..... for entry and more advanced training.

Maybe if and when you become a good enough "spook" you will know how to contact Falle and ask for his advice.

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