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So, no one is really interested in surviving in various...

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Post Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:59 pm

Re: So, no one is really interested in surviving in various.

GringoLocksmith wrote:You know what's good for allergies? Hookworm.

I have to channel Katt Williams - "That doesn't even sound attractive."
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Post Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:40 pm

Re: So, no one is really interested in surviving in various.

What was the first rule of "Fight Club"? Its good to know what to do with the fancy do-dads the city folk will bring us when they run.


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Post Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:13 am

Re: So, no one is really interested in surviving in various.

My EDC/ essentials are more about adaptability. Macyverism if you will. The BOB is additional clothing, water, and food. I generally have most of what I need on me, especially if I'm carrying my max Fatboy.

Knife and a diamond hone. SOG Flash 2
Lighter and fire steel
Lockpicks bogotas minimum
Leatherman Surge and bit kit, pouch has a Baladeo 32 gram knife
Tactical flashlight 4sevens QP something
Kevlar cord 25', spetran 25'
Small spool of wire and some rare earth magnets
Sewing needles and conventional thread
DUCT TAPE and single use crazy glue tubes
If its not on a key chain its on the belt or a pocket. But lately I just use the max

The bag has some dykes, a mylar emerged blanket and a small first aid kit.

The BOB would have a saw, extra fire kit and tinder, a couple of cigarette packs (for non smokers this can be currency too). Tampons (multiple survival uses, and potential currency value). The pocket SAS manual. Plus the clothes water storage/treatment and food. I also have a compact stove an fuel. This if off the top of my head, I forgot some stuff.

I'm ready for damsel in distress fix-its up to SHTF head for the hills and rough it. Its just a matter of how prepared I want to be, and time to prepare
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