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New Brockhage Pick Gun



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Post Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:37 am

New Brockhage Pick Gun

Brockhage has a new "semi-automatic" pick gun which seems to correct what I always thought was a fault with automatic picks, (including electric picks). Rather than snapping the pick up in an arc, which puts more energy on the back pins than those at the front, this gun moves the entire length of the needle up uniformly, putting an equal pressure on all pins simultaneously. It also does a double snap with each trigger pull. And finally, the trigger has a thick pad to make it easier on the fingers.
I bought my first pick gun when I was 16 and was disappointed that locks didn't open magically as in the pictures. Of course all these tools take practice, but this new design might be more effective. If anyone springs for the $60 please please report back as it certainly looks like a major improvement.

http://www.lockpicks.com/the-machine-gu ... khage.html


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Post Mon Jul 06, 2015 5:48 am

Re: New Brockhage Pick Gun

Oh Yes,
I want one.! :drool:


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Post Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:16 pm

Re: New Brockhage Pick Gun

DINO have had one out for a while. A year? More? Multipick in Germany sell them: https://shop.multipick.com/de/pickpistolen/pick-pistole-dino-semi-automatik


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Post Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:19 am

Re: New Brockhage Pick Gun

Well holy shit, this is the first I've seen anyone mention this thing anywhere. I recently purchased one out of curiosity to see how it compares to the standard model. They've been around for ages it seems, although nobody else on any of the forums seems to have bought one - as a matter of fact there's hardly even any mention of it anywhere. Haven't spent much time with it but had some mild success with rudimentary standard pinned shit (not consistent, however). I know there is an art to using these things and I would actually like to become at least somewhat proficient with it, as it should theoretically be just as efficient as bumping. I'll just keep at it in my free time I guess.

First thoughts, it's well made, feels rugged and very solid. The needles even click into place when you insert them, there isn't even any real need to tighten the lug down, which is top tits. I like the selection of wrenches and needles it comes with - the case is a nice touch also. The needle has a lot of travel which will take some getting used to, and even at lowest snap setting it hits quite hard compared to the southord gun I currently own. Definitely gonna take a lot of practice to get good with it, same as any pick gun.

Interesting to see the dino one deadlock posted, which is 100% identical in terms of what it comes with. Just a different coat of paint and name.

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