Post Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:08 pm

3D printer

I am looking for a used 3D printer that someone is willing to sell\trade. I cannot afford to buy one new, and I don't want to send my designs off to third-parties to have them printed. I do not expect a top of the line offer, but I would need something better than the cheapest one available.

What I have:
- vintage padlocks
- a few antique mortise locks
- automotive parts\tools
- firearms (modern and WWII era) and related items
- unusual collectible items (too random to list)
- military collectibles (not many of these, but I have a few items that are interesting)

I have no preference on what the printer looks like as long as it can print the things I need. I would rather have one that could use multiple types of plastics, but at this point I will work with what I can.

If there is something you are looking for, let me know. Hopefully we can work something out!